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you won’t find many car subscriptions that are more contemporary than that from like2drive. we know from millennials that they not only want to be mobile, but also flexible, independent and free. on the 5th anniversary of like2drive, we developed a campaign that delivered to the exact needs of the target group: high5 on mobility, freedom, flexibility, variety and individuality!

for like2drive, we started the new year with a social media campaign to demonstrate the brand's pioneering spirit and long existence in the market. the "high5 campaign" we developed for this purpose meets the needs of a young, modern target group and delivers precisely to the values they associate with a car subscription: mobility, freedom, flexibility, variety and individuality. the social media content designed and produced by superbruce resulted in inspiring stories and reels, as well as campaign gifs and banners - all in the look&feel of the company's ci (corporate identity). an accompanying influencer campaign deepened trust in the brand and ultimately fuelled the desire to take out a car subscription.

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