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twitter is communication, and communication is everything. to make advertisers and media agencies aware of the cultural relevance of the social media platform twitter and to show them why the platform is suitable for any brand from a commercial point of view, superbruce launched the #bestoftweets and "this is how germany tweets” campaigns.

on twitter, advertisers reach the target group when they are most "receptive". twitter users are influential and play a significant role in determining the success of a company. to demonstrate why twitter could be interesting for brands from a commercial point of view and how they can use the platform efficiently for themselves, superbruce launched the b2b campaign "this is how germany tweets”, in which the most influential and quick-witted tweets were conceptually and thematically prepared and staged. due to the success of the launch campaign, #bestoftweets was established as a regular campaign series. campaign hero was an interactive video in modern "twitter style" that was played on all relevant social media channels. to further increase the reach of the campaign, print and online articles were placed in trade magazines, a newsletter was sent to advertisers and an article was published on the twitter marketing blog. the initiatives were pushed via digital banners, promoted tweets, youtube and social media posts on metas channels.

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