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no place is as beautiful as your own home. if you love design, you love the stories behind things. we share these stories on the social media channels of thehomestory, the hotspot for stylish interior design in the middle of düsseldorf and online.

that the creative brains behind thehomestory love the beautiful things in life is immediately clear when you enter the store in the heart of düsseldorf. to reflect this special atmosphere online, superbruce was tasked with the holistic management of thehomestory's social media presence. superbruce created a solid creative design and developed a new campaign ci to ensure consistency in the visual language and therefore create recognition of thehomestory in the open feed as well. in addition, superbruce produced high-quality, interactive and appealing content in the usual thehomestory quality to strengthen interest in the existing target group and to address new potential customers. after a few weeks, the number of followers and interactions with thehomestory's instagram account increased significantly.

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